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Everyday Hero’s Guide to Leadership

In 2006, Dave authored The Everyday Hero’s Guide To Leadership. He has been passionate about sharing his direction for leadership but recognizes that everyone has the ability to lead in one way or another.

The Everyday Hero’s Guide to Leadership is designed to help readers get the most out of the leadership opportunities that they are face-to-face with right now! Focusing on offering REAL (really easy applications to life) tips to its audience, the text sets out a journey that starts with understanding the core foundations of leadership, continues to review internal opportunities to reflect on leadership choices, and concludes by examining the power in working with others and making great decisions for the team. This text holds evidence of the passion and real-life experience that stands behind it. Readers are guaranteed to be prompted to think about leadership in a new way and be energized and motivated to immediately begin putting new techniques to use in their lives.

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