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Leadership Development

The inspirational effort. Whether you’re seeking a keynote presentation, a brown bag invitation, or a staff meeting conversation, I have developed a reputation for delivering messages that are engaging, high-quality, and expertly-delivered.leadershiptwo

    While programs are customized to the needs of a particular audience, I’ve found success in energizing a variety of audiences. My most popular programs center on understanding values and getting along with others. Requests normally fall into areas such as general leadership (having the right attitude, seeking failure, goal setting), teamwork (dealing with difficult people, brainstorming, acting with ethics, hosting effective meetings), and morale (change management, embracing diversity, and maintaining work/life balance).
    Each fall, I team with several other leadership experts to provide an intensive, weekend-long leadership development program to help college-aged leaders prepare for the coming year, set benchmarks for success, and have a whole lot of fun. The application-based program is a must attend for every organizational leader, current and future, on campus.

My mission is to serve as a catalyst for change by engaging others in inspired leadership. The coaching program is a critical program in accomplishing that mission.

There are three focus areas for the leadership coach program:

  1. EMERGING LEADERS are mostly college students who are identified as high potential and want to spend time on identity development.
  2. QUICKSAND LEADERS are young professionals who are working through paying their dues, adjusting to an institutional culture, and finding a voice.
  3. EXECUTIVES are mid- and senior-level managers who are strengthening their skill set in supervision, strategic planning, vision setting, and communicating values.