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Running a nonprofit is exhausting, stressful, and thankless work. It’s also one of the most noble and rewarding ways to spend your career. When asked what one thing they want most, a majority of nonprofit CEOs requested “more time.” While there’s no magic formula to add more hours to the day, we can certainly make sure that these nonprofit leaders are not losing time reinventing the wheel. Whether your nonprofit is still in its infancy or long established, on cruise control or in a rut, there are issues we all face:

  • Organizational Governance – “Why have we not found a simpler way to do this?” “What parts of our operations are outdated or unnecessary?”
  • Strategic Planning – “Where will we be in five years?” “What are we doing to actually resolve the issues we battle as opposed to just providing a temporary fix?”
  • Bylaws – “Are we working from a strong framework?” “Is our Board functioning in a capacity consistent with what we say?”
  • Mission, Vision, Values – “What is our message to the public about who we are and why we matter?” “When have we most recently updated our brand?”
  • Board Recruitment & Development – “Why is our Board always caught up in the minutia? Where are the visionaries?” “Why can’t I get the key individuals I need to join the Board?”