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About Dave Urso

Photo of Dave Urso, founder of Dynamic Consulting

Dave Urso has been teaching seminars and developing leaders for almost 18 years. In that time, he’s developed an approach that sets him apart. His naturally energetic and interactive style carries over into his sessionsand makes listening to him a pleasure. No matter the context of your interaction, two things are pretty much guaranteed – he’s going to talk really fast and he’s going to do something unexpected!

His mission is to serve as a catalyst of change by engaging others in inspired leadership.

His  vision is to set the bar for high-quality leadership development and mentorship.

Dave Urso performing as a keynote speaker. His programs and services are based on four guiding values:

  1. Every product, program, and deliverable is a sign of EXCELLENCE and pride.
  2. In lieu of cookie cutter templates, advice is centered on being fresh and offering INNOVATION.
  3. Interactions are tended to in the hopes of instilling INSPIRATION.
  4. All efforts are a customized PARTNERSHIP intended to move a specific community forward towards a goal.

His philosophy is that we all have untapped potential within us. The core issue is about identity development at the individual level. Once we know who we are, we can live as that person with confidence. When we pair up with someone who has the unique ability to ask the right question in the right way at the right moment, we putourselves in the best possible position to succeed. Leadership trainers and coaches need to understand that our roles are less about spoon feeding our partners through a predetermined set of stages and focus instead on instigating reflective thinking and pushing productive dialogue. This philosophy leads him to highly customize his services to meet the goals of his partners. The time and energy spent to set the right path at the front end is recovered with interest at the conclusion.

Dave Urso was born and raised near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He lived in Philadelphia until leaving to attend college at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Dave received a Bachelor’s in Conflict Resolution and a Master’s in Educational Psychology from JMU. After graduate school, Dave spent 8 years working at Lord Fairfax Community College in Virginia. While working at LFCC, Dave completed a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership from Colorado State University. Currently, Dave works as the Dean of Academic Affairs atBlue Ridge Community College in Weyers Cave, Virginia.

Dave is very humbled to have received the Dr. Ronald Carrier Award for Exemplary Student Leadership upon his graduation from JMU in addition to being named the 2005 Outstanding Professional of the Year at a Two-YearInstitution by the Virginia Association of Student Personnel Administrators. 

Dave Urso and his family.

Dave is an avid sports enthusiast – Go all teams Philadelphia! – and truly values the time he gets to spend with family and friends. In 2006, Dave got married to his college sweetheart, Carrie. In 2009, they welcomed twin sons, Chase and Luke, to the world. In 2013, the birth of their daughter, Belle, completed their family. The Ursos live in Harrisonburg, VA.